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  • They have a good line of products, no doubt, but sometimes i felt they bit off more then can chew to corner the market. They do some things real good and awful for the rest. There is no real room for advancement, the show is run by 3-5 people in BC and 1 in Ontario office. Communication is awful, the staff are friendly, but i think they understand they are getting stuffed as well. Some guys have been there for over 15 + years and still just can't seem to get it right, let alone really "know" anything especially by the amount of "experience" they claim they have. If you're last name isn't Braber or if you are not a current manager, prepare, because they will throw you under bus if needed.

    also, for benefits, which really are sub-standard, it is structured into three tiers...Management gets the best, sales/office gets 2nd and warehouse staff, get the worst (or next to nothing)

    And I heard if you're in Ontario, if you apply there, that it is really terrible conditions. So beware.

    Posted on 12 February 2018 by Rater #15 | Flag as inappropriate

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