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BC Hydro


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water)

  • This company is a mess, there is no attempt to retain talent but rather to drive it away by keeping those in engineering doing administrative duties and meaningless jobs which do not allow advancement. Engineering has been reduced to managing consultants who learn all the aspects of the infrastructure and cost the corporation endless money by dragging out projects until they are hopelessly over budget.

    Managers are not in place to do much more than to protect their own jobs which quite often is at the expense of never allowing rivals to gain experience.

    Annual review of staff performance is usually based on favouritism by management or directives from senior management to cut costs brought down by the government of the day. The company is top heavy with redundant managers who produce nothing but red tape. Much of the time productivity is lessened by excessive meetings for such things as to listen to managers relate statistics about "scorecards" (a means to try and track all manner of things to convince upper management of group successes most of which cannot be quantified but they try none the less). Work progress is "paralyzed" from endless protocols and procedures which change constantly and become more cumbersome with time. One who goes to a site for the first time is always scared that something has been missed that will get them in trouble that they would not have known about due to the nature of relations between field staff and Edmonds office staff and the ever changing environment at this company.

    Staff are overpaid when compared to the private sectors, complete with excessive allowances for sick days and flex days. A Management and Professional staff who are not in a union get (in their their first year): 15 AV days and 20 paid days off called flex days or the equivalent in cash. Employees quite often take advantage of the generous allowance for sick days at BCH.

    Sadly, as more of the work gets outsourced and more people get laid off, customer service will get worse. As more money is re-allocated for things such as "smart-meters", operations and maintenance will get neglected which could result in problems to an aged infrastructure in dire need of attention.

    Posted on 10 October 2011 by Rater #25 | Flag as inappropriate

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