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Bayshore Home Health

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • A company who gives the impression that the dollar really is their bottom line. No pension plan. No raise, not even COLA , for MANY years and told recently not to expect any increases either. Use your own vehicle, but paid well below gov't mileage rate and told to claim difference on income tax. Use your own phone, fax machine but expected to get "reimbursed" on income tax. (not fr the co!) No adjustment in mileage rate even when gas goes way up in cost~ told to claim that on income tax too~ never seems to be the company's responsibility to compensate their frontline people well as they keep saying to claim it. But Area director has company car. No job security as these companies get the ccac work via bids. Poor benefits, no EAP. Lame and inconsistent wage amts, told not to discuss amongst each other. Love you to work as much as they can push you but happy to have you sign a form to not get any O.T., or they will monitor your hours. Never assured how many client you will see, no matter how long you've worked there. Very difficult pay cheque to interpret. No education allowance. Extremely poor communication , almost like they do it on purpose to confuse you. Would never recommend anyone work for them...unless you want to be poor. But i heard higher ups live very well....some higher employees have company cars....the lower on the scale you are,it seems the worse off you'll be. Really pathetic how some co get away with treating registered nurses and rpns this way.

    Posted on 30 November 2012 by Rater #15 | Flag as inappropriate

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Exactly like how the Burnaby Bayshore is!
I was sent to aggressive clients and when I requested NVCI training it was ignored!
You need so much, a cell phone, a computer, your vehicle, first aide training, indoor shoes...the list goes on and on and Burnaby Bayshore does not compensate you for it! Oh they say they compensate you for gas but when you are driving hundreds of Km's a week for a dozen hours of work its not compensation, it's subsidizing this company.
This company will make you poor!
They are heavy handed with their demands and turn a deaf ear to your requirements .
The hours they demand from you and the hours you get paid for doesn't equal minimum wage.
Who ever drew up this strategy was a genius! If you work for them you will have long days and be poorly paid for it.
They are making themselves huge on this business plan all paid for on the backs of the frontline staff! You won't be told how it works you will need to be there a while before you see it all happen around you, all while you grow disenchanted with being a care aide, because this company does not respect the nurses and care aides, it takes advantage of the forgiving and caring nature that is inherent in being a care giver. Bayshore home health is a huge bully. Bayshore home health doesn't care if you can make a living for yourself. They only care that you make money for them. The hours they demand will not be compensated for. Terrible company to be employed by at least as a care aides only making a meagre living despite all the requirements they demand you come to them with, and once you are employed they will not pay you to keep up those requirements...suddenly it's an optional requirement! Terrible company! Shame on them!

Posted on 3 July 2013

Imagine that!

Posted on 3 June 2013

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