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Bayshore Home Health

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • I'm happy and proud to become Bayshore worker. Since this is a respectable company I assume the system is great. From area manager I can tell very judgmental, never resolving problem in the table face to face but i stead jumping into conclusion and do vias decision. The staff organizing worker schedule doesn't inform your schedule changed nor respect your decision if it's conflict in your personal schedule. Taking away your schedule without replacing it at once. Just let you wait until you get tired and do quit. For them not to pay the 2 weeks notice of the workers.

    They are tolerating some staff not to be punctual in their specific time of work. The tendency the punctual worker will be suffer all the time. Then if you call the office they will always say " You have to wait 10 more minutes ". (all the time? For God Sake! ) As far as I know professional workers need to be in the area of work 5-10 minutes before they start.

    One thing took ages before they will grant your request just like the processing your overtime,ROE,unpaid wages, benefits etc. So sad...I wish the founder of this company don't let the rotten tomatoes get mixed into the basket nor make the system not more on business rather helping clients to extend their life more and
    as well as the workers.

    Posted on 30 November 2012 by Rater #7 | Flag as inappropriate

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I have a posted position.
I must call daily for them to plump up my hours to just meet my minimum CONTRACT hours as I have learned the hard way if they are not there by the end of the week and I did not call...its my responsibility according to the scheduling supervisor to advise them that I am short on my contract hours. My fault so I wont get paid for the shortfall.
I never have my weeks hours up for me to see in advance, I am told they are too busy to do that in advance, so how am I supposed to know what my weekly hours are? As I always work the weekends ( mandatory at Bayshore for most positions) and typically my weekend hours are short, How can this be when they are so short care aides and it is supposed to be so busy on the weekends? when I phone the schedulers that are working on the weekend and ask them to please give me more hours, they tell me that they cant, it is set by the regular scheduler, they leave my weekends short so if some one calls in sick I have some open windows that they can slot time into, but typically I am working weekends with very little paid time on, when I phone the regular scheduler all I get is her voice mail which I will leave a message on and nothing changes with my schedule, so I have to wonder if the voicemail is working or are they just ignoring me week after week?
I could have had a solid days work with practically any other company. But Bayshore doesn't care if you get hours, only that you are available to work for them, and they do not want you to be open for other places YOU COULD BE WORKING FOR. That is why the split shifts are offered to new care aides. You cannot just offer a morning or an evening...they want your entire day and when you give it to them...see how many hours you get.
I see and hear the the Burnaby bayshore ads WANTING more care aides saying come to work for them, and yet here I sit week after week, pleading with them to give me more hours or at least post my hours for at least a few days in advance so I can see what the office has planned out for me, and nothing changes.
I am exhausted by how the office treats me. I am exhausted by how I must call in two hours in advance to see my days worth of work, and to see that I am typically under my contracted hours. When I have been able to reach someone live and ask them why am I always so short hours on the weekend as I hear it is supposed to be the busiest and therefore it is a mandatory THING TO HAND OVER ALL OF YOUR WEEKENDS to bayshore (I have not had a weekend off for years unless it has fallen in on some of my holidays, also I was unable to take all of my holidays off last year as I was told they are too busy to let me take holidays and so far this year, I have been denied twice already for holiday requests...same story...too many girls are wanting the same time frame off)
I have been patient, I have been pro active in my requests for what is actually the law of the land to be followed from this company.
It is true, this company is a terrible employer. TERRIBLE PLACE TO WORK, TERRIBLE HOW THEY TREAT YOU.TERRIBLE TERRRIBLE TERRIBLE. working for Burnaby bayshore is TERRIBLE.

Posted on 7 June 2013

Bayshore Home Health Burnaby branch
You will be begging for hours on a daily basis, and even after years of being there things have not improved.

Posted on 3 June 2013

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