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Bayshore Home Health

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • Each branch is run relatively independent of the others so there is a wide range of response depending on the quality of the management. I've heard negative things about some branches and great things about others.

    The Victoria branch has been amazing to work for over the last year. The admin people are always pleasant to deal with, the other employees seem happy with their schedules and the clients complain very little. This is a difficult industry to meet the needs of everyone so I would say that's pretty good! I haven't felt so valued working in Home Care in years.

    Posted on 4 September 2012 by Rater #6 | Flag as inappropriate

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The Burnaby branch is....again.
with all the newly graduating care aides they will fill up their troughs again...but even desperate care aides with bills to pay will soon realize...Bayshore isn't an employer, its a slave shop.
No other industry in the world demands that you give them 10 hours a day, only to be paid for %40 of your time...if you are lucky. Ask the casuals, how many hours are you working today?
It is 2013, and it is time that Bayshore put all its huge resources together and made schedules that do not ruin the work force lives...instead of treating us like we are slaves....Care aides and nurses are treated like we should be grateful to be on call 10 hours a day and then given only 6-7 hours of work ( if you have the coveted position)....who works for just a small percentage of the day that they are there for their employer for.?????
Its not an easy job either.
you have to drive all over the place...some shifts as much as 120 kms in one day..
in all kinds of weather conditions day and night...good luck if you are a nervous driver!!!! or have an older car. because you wont be able to maintain it on the hours they give you.
ten hour windows of availability are demanded from you and they do not have to give you any hours but if you are lucky you may get 4 hours of work a day with huge gaps in your day where you have to sit and wait with no work, and if you have the Langley south area, good luck finding a warm place to stay on a Sunday night, unless you like hanging out at the grocery store for say 4 hours.
As a community care aide its your job to care for sick or injured people on an hourly basis....
you go into desperate, sad situations, good luck keeping a positive spin on things when you know you didn't get enough hours from Bayshore this week to pay your own bills.
you are expected to find these places, change your shoes, find a place for your coat, use the phone to call in, toilet the clients, do any needed personal care, make a meal, dispense medications, clean the area, write it all down in the communication book, phone out...often in these increasingly seen half hour visits...and then you must navigate to the next client and do it all over again....telling the scheduler that the distances are too far from client to client to be able to do in the 10 min window is useless.... its an excersize in frustration...and you will soon see how they remedy the situation.... and for new hires, you will expected to take on several areas....that means many kilometers in between clients and if you get a speeding ticket doing it...its all yours! .some cares had to pay more for the speeding tickets they received that the weekly pay they got from Bayshore.
Oh just ask any one who works as a care aide or nurse for this company. ..or USED to work for them as the numbers are huge....
How do you like to work for Bayshore home health...and sadly now...ask the clients....how are their schedules and continuity of care respected?....oh never mind...they will tell you. At least you can direct them to the OMBUDSPERSON
other wise

Posted on 26 May 2013

Perhaps the Victoria Branch could offer some help to the Burnaby Branch?
I would love to feel that my efforts were appreciated. I would love to feel heard and respected in the profession I chose to dedicate my time to!
Is the Victoria Branch hiring?

Posted on 4 September 2012

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