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Bayshore Home Health

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • There is no respect. require information in which there is no feed back. They do not adjust your hours of your senority level. There is no feedback of your work performance. Being a casual you get no benefits in which it comes out of your own money. We are required to maintain our vehicle in which it makes it hard to do when you are self supporting and there is a lot of us work two jobs to get by on.

    Posted on 2 August 2012 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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Trying to reach any one on the after hours emergency line is difficult. The after hours staff will tell you they do not have the authourity to change or do any thing for you, the office staff are monday to friday office hours and they are largely so over worked you will just get the machine system and rarely get called back or in a timely manner, so often what you requested from them is not followed up on.
Despite years of calling to get shedules fixed, Bayshores tactics are for their comfort, not how they affect the lives of the workers with long hours in which your are not being compensated. Who would say I like giving you ten or twelve hours of my life and never knowing how many hours of work I may or may not get....and feeling lucky that I got 6 or 8 hours of work...no wonder staff moral is so low. Who wants to sit around for hours everyday with no work?
Its a horrible schedule, they have not in the 2 1/2 years that they have the lower mainland has NOT made the schedules any better. It is a daily disapointment to work for this company. Trying to rectify the schedules has been a lesson in learning that Bayshore Home Health is not interested in making the front workers lives better or easier. No wonder staff turn over is so huge.I do not recommend this company to any one who wants to enjoy their job....its a tough and at time terrible place to work. Ask Senior staff ....they will give personal accounts that make you ask...'.Why would any one work there when you are treated with such disrespect for so many years?"...desperate times...thats why.

Posted on 29 October 2012

It's true! I was told if I couldn't drive the distances from one client to another within the ten minute window,I should have informed the scheduler, informing the scheduler that I couldn't drive 19 Kms in ten mins! yes even with the computer system they use to chart your route daily , i had to inform them that it was impossible to do, this then resulted in them just putting a half hour gap in between clients....that I am not getting paid any thing for! When I pointed that out to the scheduler , she pulled the clients entirely from my schedule and gave them to another care aide who either doesn't realize how dangerous it is to be speeding from client to client, doesn't realize how expensive it is going to be when radar catches them or just doesn't care as long as they are given a few hours of work, and/ or knows that in reporting these conditions may result in hours being taken away from you!!
It is incredibly sad to see ,and work for this company.
And then to hear, 'they like it' when you ask management why are they continuing to do this when it is reported it being problematic?
' they like it' .? Times are hard now,care aides are graduating in many numbers, NO ONE wants to be taken advantage of! Surely we can find a fair way. 'they like it ' is also how management describes split shifts!
So if you like being sent miles and miles , with huge split shift windows for usually less than a full time week....well then look under the help wanted section where this ' well known private health care company' will probably have an ad or two looking for 20 casuals again because once care aides find out how they expected to work...they look for other places to work were they will be respected.

Posted on 6 September 2012

they send you miles and miles with no compensation for pay if you run longer than the 10 min window that they give you to get to these clients....if you get a speeding ticket they tell you that it is your responsabilty to tell the schedullers how long it takes you to drive from client to client...I have to tell the person who should know this?and you will have to pay for your own speeding ticket. Some care aide had to pay more out for thier speeding tickets than they made that week working for Bayshore.

Posted on 30 August 2012

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