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  • I am an ex-employee that worked with the company for approximately a year and a half. The following are some of my experience with the company.

    First of all, the company is managed terribly and the demand for work is justified through what they pay you. How hard one works for the company is not taken into consideration and often older and more efficient employees can find themselves at the same pay grade as new hires. The management team has no respect for their employees and will be more than willing to fire you at the drop of a dime. There is absolutely no organization within the company and it is evident through their lack of formal training. Productive employees receive little to no recognition and the team will look for every opportunity to find flaw in your work. The atmosphere is depressing at best - having spoken to essentially all employees, nobody truly enjoys their employment with Auctionmaxx. Those who express a concern as such are promptly told to find employment elsewhere. The only positive things about this company are: 1) pay, 2) employees and 3) the days off from work.

    The reason why this company receives nothing but negative reviews is because anyone who leaves the company is either fired for little to no reason or quit because they don't want to deal with the company's lack of professionalism. Leaving the company is almost akin to a highschool breakup where none of the parties involved perceives it as a positive experience.

    Posted on 4 March 2016 by Rater #10 | Flag as inappropriate

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I'm a former employee and this is a very accurate review of what goes on in this company. Hopefully your review sticks and isn't removed like so many of the other reviews. This site's rules doesn't allow you to write certain things and will remove it like they did the others. It's really unfair because the reviews that were removed were just being honest, and people who are interested in this company will not be able to read those reviews and gain insight into what kind of company they are applying for.

Posted on 5 March 2016

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