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  • This is one interesting company to say the least. There are pros and cons to working here so I'll go through.

    1) Pay - This company does offer a good starting pay considering that the job does not require a whack load of experience.

    2) The Products it Sells - Being an online liquidation company, Auctionmaxx offers a wide variety of products at lower than retail price. If you look around, you're bound to find some good gems.

    3) The Staff - The workers are very friendly and try to create an overall upbeat atmosphere, which is needed considering some of the cons mentioned below.

    4) A Growing Company - Auctionmaxx is just over 4 years old and it rapidly growing. It was a nice change of pace from working at a large corporation. If you work hard and do well, you do feel like you are contributing to the company's growing success.

    1) Long hours - Now, this is clearly started in the job description so it's sort of unfair to harp on this. The hours are long (10-12 hour shifts) so it's important to keep yourself busy to pass the time.

    2) Management - This company is run by three individuals, and while it is understandable the amount of stress they must be going through, they are not the best at communication and have minor issues with temper.

    3) Stressful Environment - Management will let people go if they feel they are not going to make a positive contribution so it does create an environment with fear of losing one's job.

    4) Misleading Job Description - This more applies to the "Counter Associate" job, which no where in it states that warehouse work must be performed, yet it is expected. Again, it just goes back to the proper communication that needs to be improved upon.

    Overall, if you are capable of handling the stress and you really want to commit to helping this company grow, then yes I do recommend working here. If you are a proper fit for Management, they will definitely notice and reward you. If anything, check out their website and see the loads of items they sell.

    Posted on 3 October 2015 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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