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  • The retail customers of this buisness can at times be difficult, but not unbarebly so. Unfortunately, management here is handled by several individuals who are also co-owners, with the store divided neatly down the middle for each half's portion of the buisness. As a sales employee, you work for both halves of the store. As a result you find yourself juggling competing demands and intetests from all parties. In addition, the comunication chain is typically lacking. You may also get a casual increase of your workload over time. This could add general cleaning, stock counting/recording, and eventually product pricing and secretarial duties to your workload (with no increase in pay) Not meeting these increasing duties can result in lecturing. Activity-monitoring of younger staff members is common, 30s-or-less be aware. Scheduling shifts in this workplace is typicaly a hasle due to the poor comunication chain and seniority prioritization. Using security cameras to monitor employees is also standard practice. Overall: this workplace may appear at first glance, to be a decent business. However: the management dynamics can make the work environment tense and periodically stressfull.

    Posted on 16 May 2018 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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