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  • This is the worst job ever. It is so sad that as a front-line worker, you can not truly help the kids. Just have to log nonsense for 12 hours only to get in trouble for any and everything. TL'S are absolute trash, and management is only worse. They pull you in during the interview and the training only to realize on the last day of training that the hours of employment are 3 days in a row 12-12, including Friday, Saturday and sunday. This job is so so depressing, all the employees are burnt out and it is so sad to see everyone so miserable. Honestly this company is the worst company I have ever come across, do your mental health a favor and do not work here.

    Publié le 11 juin 2019 par Évaluateur #36 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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LOL our TL's are amazing people who advocate for the children and us frontline staff, Nevermind being oncall for us whenever we need. Give me a break!
Long hours is part of the job Forsure. Every frontline human services job is the same.
Maybe try a rap and hulahoop career if caring for others is not your cup of tea.

Publié le 4 juillet 2019

example of shift Saturday 12-12, sunday 12-12, Monday 8AM-8AM. tell me how anyone can manage a life with this kind of shift? it is so bad, even worse is that you have no say in anything at all and getting a day off takes 3 months.

Publié le 11 juin 2019

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