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  • I was incredibly excited following my interview with Alta Care. Once training started, I learned very quickly that everyone in my training group was relatively confused about what the job actually was. Questions were answered very vaguely during the interview, and certain points of the job were hinted at in a vaguely positive way.

    Although the frontline staff and my immediate supervisor have been awesome, it became very clear to me that there were things not disclosed to me at the time of my interview. It was alluded that work life balance was important and I would get lots of days off, when in reality you work extremely long hours and have little to no input on what hours you'd prefer over others. Frontline staff don't have many good things to say, and tend to make comments that if you're a 'favorite' then things will go your way.

    Not only that, but because the leadership skills of middle management seem to be essentially non existent and the burnout rate is high so many staff always leave. And the people that really get hurt by this are the kids. Its a bad feeling to know that the agency isn't really worried about retention when the whole focus is on building relationships with these kids. If you are thinking about getting a job here, just know that you'll be working very late one night and starting first thing in the morning the next day, and to make sure you ask as many questions as you can at the beginning so that you don't end up surprised like myself and many others in my training group.

    Posted on 19 September 2018 by Rater #34 | Flag as inappropriate

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