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  • I was one of the first 7 hired to work for this company many many years ago. We were flat out informed that there was no real indication of when we would get our first pay cheque. We did get our first pay cheque in a timely fashion. When I reflect back on those days I am very grateful to have had such amazing leadership. I learned a lot about many very important aspects of "LIFE." I was there for the tears, hard work and the radiant smiles that our team shared very proudly while building this company. As a result of this company and the owner I was led into a very successful field of education. I was very sad to read such reviews. There is politics everywhere :( I very often think about working in those days for this company and the memories make me smile. We were all one big family and that was through good times and bad both professionally and in our personal lives there was great support. I have since retired from my 30 years of teaching but I do know that I was able to juggle four years in university and about 6 additional ones as well while teaching full time and successfully working for this company. This company does have top notch people working there if I know the owner at all. Grateful for my experience working for good old Alta Care :)

    Posted on 8 June 2017 by Rater #28 | Flag as inappropriate

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This agency used to have top notch people working there. Unfortunately good staff can only be treated poorly for so long. Think its time to re-evaluate.

Posted on 19 April 2018

Great company

Posted on 8 June 2017

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