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  • I worked here right out of post secondary so I did not know any different which made it terrifying to think that this was the norm for treating clients, ESPECIALLY at-risk, vulnerable children. Any "strength-based" philosophy is only in theory and quickly goes away once you leaving core training. The children's best interest is not taken into consideration ESPECIALLY if a child does not follow the outlined program. Who would have thought at-risk, sometimes traumatized children have difficulties accommodating to a black and white structured program. The agency as a whole needs to catch up and understand the importance of attachment and relationship building and begin to understand that what they are doing is not working for a reason. They need to educate themselves as well as staff about the impact that traumatization has on the brain and that their use of incentive charts is next to useless for a child who is unable to self regulate themselves. The way they also treat staff who genuinely want the best for the children is unbelievable. Front line staff are overworked, bullied, and not provided with adequate support.

    Posted on 9 January 2016 by Rater #20 | Flag as inappropriate

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