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  • I have worked for this agency for many years. I have seen great employees come and go because of poor management. Management ALWAYS passes the buck on to the employee when things go wrong. As an employee ( frontline staff) you are never allowed to make your own decision and are expected to be a robot rather than a professional. Calling your on-call for direction is always met with resentment and anger from the teamleaders. They often tell you to do something that is unethical and questionable; once you question this you are asked if you can do your job properly and asked if a "meeting" (meaning a disciplinary meeting) is necessary. If your looking for a great place to work this is the wrong place. If you like to get in trouble daily for your ethical decisions, questions, ideas, and for being a team with your fellow workers, this is the place for you. If you decide to be a professional expect disciplinary action as well! They do not like staff to make decisions without asking a team leader, and as I said your call to the team leader will be met with resentment and anger. The only good positions are in management, where you do not have poorly trained people above you, and you are expected to be a professional. The positive reviews are done by these people are in higher positions. If you are thinking of doing frontline in group care, I would seriously reconsider.

    Posted on 24 April 2014 by Rater #13 | Flag as inappropriate

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