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Air Liquide Canada Inc


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water)

  • Very sad place to work. I feel the company as whole is good but the Western Region is poor. The majority of management lack any skills to deal with the employee and are totally out of touch with what they need to do to fix the issues. Upper management protects "bad" management by securing their positions when they should be fired. Case in point is the AR manager who was promoted rather than fired when her whole department quit. There are pay inadequacy too numerous to talk about and kissing butt is the only way to make more money and to get ahead. It's sad really because the employees in the trenches are hard working and great people. Sadly the harder you work and the more you give at Air Liquide-Western region only burns you out and get's you stepped on. There is no recognition at all except..."Work harder, do more and get treated unjustly. I wish the Alberta Employment commission would look into some of the salary issues and how those with no experience get paid more than those with lots of experience. If you are considering a job here and you want good pay ware a short skirt and join the clique with management.

    Posted on 2 September 2009 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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I worked for ALC Bulk services in Alberta and sadly was not one of the union guys , loved my job but there was many problems with the way things where dun and run ( got vary stressfull at times ) however I was vary good at my job and was not part of the regular crew , as I was in a area where we self managed and given lots of trust . Did my job properly and was not given any feed back to think there was anything wrong . However after years of service I was fired with no reason and was tolled my job did not exist anymore . Of course there are things being said and games they also fired others from non union parts of the company and downsized divisions , in my area they pulled the whole operation the same day they fired me . Im not a office suit or some manager trying to make my way , but a Truck driver out there making them there $$$$ and giving them my work. I loved my job and for the first time in a long time I thought I had something that was worth me giving the rest of my working years to. I dont know if it's all of ALC or just the wester division , but it truly hurt to get pushed out of something that I was proud to be part of. All I can say is dont ever work for them and don't trust anyone there . I just would have never thought a company that big and old could run things in such a poor way . It's just sad . And yes I did look Into all legal options , the truth is there vary good at protecting themselfs and make it a impossibility to get any justice. And real funny part is they are always needing drivers and have a vary hard time finding peaple with the skills. Yet they fire experienced guys for nothing . Its a club ,and I guess you need to play there game . Just sad vary sad .

Posted on 22 August 2013

Being a long term employee, the current management team sucks, and tries to push the "toronto" attitude down everyones throat, because it worked there!
Afraid to make a decision, and out to make themselves look better , with no regard, or recognition for the people doing all the hard work.

Posted on 20 July 2012

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