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AFS Aerial Photography

Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Aerospace, Aviation, Defense

  • This office is managed extremely poorly. You will be asked to do things that you have no training in and will be made to feel incompetent if you don't succeed at it right away. There is too much work for the amount of staff. Hiring is not done with care and as a result they go through lots of employees. Most people will quit or be fired before their first 3 months and when they do the remaining employees are left to pickup the slack for months until they decide to try and hire someone again. It is an uncomfortable working environment and friendships within the office are discouraged. There are no benefits and there is no room for growth within the company. When the workload is too much you will likely be asked to take extra work home with you, but they will classify this as 'freelance' work and you will be treated as if you are a separate employee. 'Freelance' work will be paid differently than your rate within the office and you will not be able to claim overtime from that work. I would suggest you learn your rights as an employee before accepting a job here because if you do not know them they will take advantage of that.

    Posted on 4 June 2020 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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