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AFS Aerial Photography

Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Aerospace, Aviation, Defense

  • For the pilot, the job is to fly, take pictures, maintain your plane, upload pictures, create your own schedule, make safe decisions.

    Pros: This is a fast way to get hours for a low time pilot. I got 450+ hours while my peers were completing their instructor rating or working on the ramp.
    Flying the C152 low and slow across Canada is a treat that not many pilots get to experience.
    Traveling to big cities and many small towns throughout the country. Excellent experience flying in different environments and seeing many different places.
    Accommodations and vehicles are paid for. Their budget for hotels is usually around $80-$90 per night so you won't get anything fancy, and the rental car is whatever is cheapest but atleast they're paid for.

    Cons: Very low income, per diem is almost nothing. Don't take this job expecting to pay off debt or save up, expect roughly $6000 for the season (5 months).
    Long hours, no set days off. You're expected to fly every good weather day, so bad weather, maintenance, and duty limit days are your only days off.
    Always away from home base. They send you off across the country for 95% of the season, so don't expect to visit home between May and October.
    Unorganized and often frustrating management style. The boss is a tough person to work for, micro managing and paranoid. Plans change often based on his mood, often making our lives harder.
    Photo processing and paper work is inefficient and time consuming. Be prepared to spend 1-3 hours every night.
    High potential for chronic back and arm pain as the C152 seat is not ideal for 7 hour days, and arms are not ideal tripods.

    I'm sure there are more pros and cons but the main points are there. Lots of hours, unique experience, willing to hire straight out of school. Poor pay, living on the road, mismanagement, leading to low morale by the end of the season.

    Although the cons seem really bad, I still highly recommend this as a starting job. If you're hard working, responsible, smart, love flying and travelling, and are not overly entitled, then you'll enjoy this job.

    Posted on 22 January 2018 by Rater #6 | Flag as inappropriate

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