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AFS Aerial Photography

Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Aerospace, Aviation, Defense

  • As a commissioned salesperson for this company, you are actually hired as an independent contractor instead of the advertised job posting. As a travelling sales rep you will be expected to work 7 days per week and work 10 -12 hour days. You will enter daily and weekly sales results along with hours worked, kms driven, success and failure amounts. If your daily results are not submitted by 8:30 AM the next day, you will receive emails and calls beginning at 8:31. You are required to enter an upcoming weekly work schedule and mail in your weekly receipts. As far as the actual selling itself, the product is very good and the pilots have done a good job, but there is preferential treatment as far as who receives the A list material. It is a very competitive industry, and if you are behind the competitors you will struggle. Management will give you their stock list of rebuttals when this happens and instruct you to work longer and faster. Even as an independent contractor you will be treated like a 1930's employee. Management such as this is why unions were invented. Zero concern regarding safety. A turnstile for sales reps. Be very wary!

    Posted on 13 May 2017 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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