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  • I personally do not recommend ATI/AFLGLOBAL,Telus CONTRACT COMPANY as an employer.
    I was a Technician.
    Favoritism runs the company. You could be committed, dedicated, always on time, never sick and always giving your best, if they don't like you for X reason, they will keep those who are far worse than you over you.
    Management is extremely awful, they don't promote the right people at all. They say they want to help and keep you, and do anything for you, while they go behind your back and do everything to protect themselves , and put you in trouble. They say it's an ethical work place, based on Telus values and respectful work place, well to be honest, I've never seen such hypocrisy and disrespect, the managers can't even apply what they preach.
    Targets: they give you high unachievable targets just to set you up for failure just so a few will pass probation. They keep people worse than those who get fired for the silliest things, again the favoritism part.
    They say they don't like absence and being late, it seems the people who are late and absent are the only ones kept there.
    They never keep their employees relaxed and happy. Everyone is unhappy and stressed all the time, that's not how employees are supposed to be.
    Employees are supposed to be slaves for the clients, clients are much better treated than employees.
    Advancement: Let's just say, those who advance (few) got a job with the same pay, so much for promotion. Most employees have been there for 5-10 years, so much for promotions and advancement.
    Plain hypocrisy and lies, this company is very disappointing. When I first came to ATI/AFLGLOBAL, I had high expectations and hope, it the worst company I actually worked for quite honestly.

    Posted on 26 October 2014 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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This company is the worst forsure since they put a x shaw employee as a director of operations, he is running the company to the ground does not know anything about management, AFL has to really take a look at what is going on,

Posted on 24 November 2014

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