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Admiral Insurance

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Touted as one of the "best places to work", having put in over a year I can tell you they are not. From the get go they tell you they are all about "culture" and "fun". Every Friday they will give you some candy, some days milk and cookies, once they had a coloring contest. Some day if you are lucky they will give you a rope to hang on to and take you for a walk to the park. Awards are held every month to recognize star performers...in other words, if you sell lots and are popular. If you keep to yourself and provide good service you're not getting any recognition so don't bother. Promotions are given on a popularity and selling contest, whether you are any good at your job or not. When you start you are basically told you could be on probation indefinitely. I was not, I passed in 6 months, but I saw people put in 10 months or more and then get let go because they "didn't pass probation". Don't give your opinion on anything, or they will peg you as a troublemaker. So all is fine if you want to drink the kool-aid and keep your mouth shut, and make sure you're a pushy seller. Almost every work function is centered around booze and/or gambling. The only good things I will say, the hours are good, the benefits kick in immediately, and if you can stick it out for the 3 years it takes to get shares paid out you will make half decent money. Overtime offers are decent sometimes, but after 5 days a week it makes you want to skin your own face anyway. Don't expect any support, if you are struggling they will feed you to the wolves. Company has grown too large too fast, and unfortunately a lot of good people have become lost in the shuffle. The elevators in the new office don't work right, the roof leaks. You are crammed into an office with 300+ people every day and they expect you not to have more than 4 sick days a year. When you call in sick they call to make sure you're really sick, and grill you about it when you come back. If you don't book your vacation days at least 2 months in advance forget it. And if you don't use vacation time by the end of the year you lose it. They will pressure you into overtime. Run fast and far, do not work here!!

    Posted on 13 November 2012 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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You'd have to wait for more than 3 years but yes, you'd get your first shares pay after that period...

Overall, employee shares schemes like Admiral's is advantageous to all involved...if you did make it to your first shares payout you'd be a very different person than when you started working for Admiral.

If you're in your early 20s and is out-going, easily motivated, likes to make decent money, and carefree, regardless if you like to kiss ass or not, their recruiting people will love you.

After you're hired and trained and put on a team (trainers get reviewed over how many trainees leave, so you'll always make it!) then, their managers view that it's their job to find out if you like to kiss ass or not, literally. If you don't, they'll make your work-life hell. They'll show you the meaning of contradiction, by applying one set of policy to you while making excuses for someone else in the exact same shoes - who like to kiss ass of course, literally the whole rim job.

Their managers and seniors also like using the dishonesty trick. They corner you by making false accusations yet if you as much as defend yourself and your integrity with any kind of human passion they then say that you're argumentative, negative, that you're not a team player.

Their lower-tiered seniors and managers do not possess the skills required to walk through the processes of a discussion, debate, or even sharing views that may be beyond their scope. The wise have said that dishonesty seeks dishonesty where it exists, and even where it does not. Probably because it doesn't know any better.

On the contrary, if you're a grown, level-headed adult who thrive in a professional environment, who thrive in finding solutions to make work more efficient, this is not the place for you. Unless, of course, you change.

The company culture is centered on kissing ass. Why? This is because the company operates exactly the way a hierarchy does. Information, policy and procedures are passed down from the top. Any question is a direct challenge to authority, via your boss and your boss's boss, and so on.

Of course, any obvious professional, who haven't been 'stuck under a rock' for the past 30 years would question how employee-relations could thrive in such an environment, one that views questions as a direct challenge to authority. However unfortunate, it is so because the office is full of managers and seniors who are better skilled at kissing ass and tallying what percentages of young 'co-workers' they've laid, instead of those who are qualified, who can work with data management in a privately or publicly owned company or corporation. Those who have actual experience and skills to make informed decisions based on all targets involved, and the ability to communicate and present those ideas clearly to diverse audiences, not yes-people who never engage in anything meaningful unless it's relying the message.

If none of the above fits you and you just couldn't be bothered. You want to make decent blue-collar money? This place could also be for you.

It is ridiculously sad how they expect everyone to loose their own personalities and at the same time appear completely oblivious to the fact that their employees are actual living people who sees things in different lenses...talk about always working on a different level.

Posted on 3 May 2014

They say you get 3000 pounds of shares each year...so when do you get your first pay out? You have to wait for three years to get your first pay out?

Posted on 13 February 2014

Expect a lot of backstabbing, especially from the UK counterparts who seem to treat the Halifax centre as an out-sourced third party instead of a real part of the company like it really is. Sales are a part of targets that must be met to a certain standard and renewals agents are not only expected to offer additional products but sell them as well. The rule in the entire renewals function at one time was that if an agent offered an upgrade product and quoted a price but the customer initially declined it got the sale if the customer later changed their mind and called back to buy it. MOST agents respected the rule and if a customer called back to buy a product that someone else quoted, the agent who completed the sale gave the sale to the agent who originally quoted it. Not always true with our UK counterparts. They would be very sneaky and claim the sale to pad their own stats. The same was also true when customers called to ask to cancel a product they once bought but no longer felt they needed. Yes, a cancellation of an existing upsold product would affect an agent stats and again there were many underhanded and backstabbing agents in the UK renewals offices who would use any means to avoid removing these upgrades themselves just to preserve their own stats. If you do join Admiral's Halifax office I can offer this piece of advice. WATCH YOUR BACK!

Posted on 27 July 2013

Wow, it is sad to hear it, so many of the people I work with feel the same way I do. Targets are a huge part of your job. I am fortunate in that I am good at my job and do hit my targets always. Trust me, just because I would be one of those 'popular people who sell a lot', the pressure is certainly there. Backstabbing from higher management. A hundred broken promises. You certainly can not have your own opinion about anything in this office anymore. No matter how well you present any idea and no matter how gracious you are. I have been told by management that for me to question anything is wrong. I am to simply smile and nod in team meetings when they roll out ridiculous changes on a daily basis. You should accept that the change is for the better, and if it does not work, they will change it again. And they do, but not until everyone has been driven mad and people start quitting, call answer rate declines. They should be happy now though, there are several new hires for each department now! Who cares if they lose us right? And yes, you get stuck there because you need your job, you like what Admiral Halifax used to stand for. It is not all bad, but wow. I have never dealt with the kind of degradation that I encounter here. And yes, thy have been hiring some people for management positions who are not respected or qualified. They set there people up to be looked down upon. My job is in the hands of these morons?....yeesh.

Posted on 30 May 2013

While it's true that the company had to expand its workforce to keep up with the growing customer base they did so at the expense of hiring managers who are under-qualified to do the job of supporting their teams. And instead of these managers going to bat for their people to make sure they get fair treatment, they worry more about their own careers and advancement and as a result they have turned into "yes men". They constantly tell you to just try to sell but if you can't sell no matter how hard you try, you'll eventually go to performance review. If you're not a pushy seller this job isn't for you.

Posted on 17 November 2012

I wish it wasn't so, but I know exactly how you feel. When I first heard about Admiral they sounded exactly like the type of work place I had been looking for. Although thoughts crossed my mind that working there sounded too good to be true, the people I knew who worked there assured me it wasn't. So I applied and sold myself in my interview thinking that getting a job there would open up some career opportunities for me. I've been with Admiral for awhile now and sadly I'm feeling like I've been mislead. I've been trying my hardest to always meet targets and to do well but not being a pushy person by nature makes it at times difficult to make sales, especially in the fall/winter months when business slows down. I now fear that I will be one of the ones to be on probation forever and will eventually get let go. So far, I feel kind of disappointed with this company. What I was hoping would be a job with a supportive and fun atmosphere that might lead to a career is now turning into a job where I feel stressed everyday. The targets they have set in place are also ridiculous. They make it seem when you first start that they are attainable and that everyone can meet them when in reality a lot of people are struggling and if you miss target 3 times in the period of 6 months you will be fired or sent to another department. There was even a running joke in training that poor sales people would get sent to the renewals department, little did I know at the time that they weren't actually joking. I've thought about leaving but in all honesty I need the job the pay is good compared to other jobs that are currently out there. The benefits are also really good as well. I think they used to be a really good company, but like previously mentioned, I also feel they have focused too much on expanding within the last few years and have forgotten about supporting their employees.

Posted on 16 November 2012

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