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Admiral Insurance

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Easily the best call centre in Eastern Canada, hands down. The staff and managers are on equal ground, no power trips whatsoever. I, along with a lot of my colleages actually good friends with a lot of the managers. They're all aproachable as they don't even have offices, they sit right with us. My salary is ok but they give me lots of free shares in the company which practically doubles my ok salary into an awesome salary. The company is constantly growing and with that growth they need more and more managers, well they look no further then internal so I'm confident I can have a career here - promotions here I come.

    Posted on 28 March 2012 by Rater #4 | Flag as inappropriate

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I wonder how many of these positive comments about Admiral are actually written by employees and not just people in the marketing/communications department? Oddly enough, they closely resemble sales pitches from their recruitment presentations...

Posted on 16 November 2012

Admiral is great as long as you're in the popular clique and if you buddy up to the managers they will groom you for advancement, regardless of if you're qualified for it or not. Promotions there are based on personality and not on job skills or potential to perform in the job so if you are introverted but professional and skilled, don't expect to advance unless you are incredibly lucky. The atmosphere is very much like being in high school and while the dress code is relaxed, some employees take "casual" to extremes with some female workers exposing far too much cleavage than is appropriate for a professional office environment. They tout a corporate culture based on fun but that never happens...unless you consider colouring or filling out a crossword or word search at your desk fun.

Posted on 13 November 2012


Posted on 20 May 2012

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