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  • I worked here for only a short time a few years ago and in this short time I was able to observe and hear about the management actively and passively excluding the back office staff from company get-togethers and communications. This was done by "forgetting" to tell the entire back office staff about a christmas party and by "forgetting" to circulate birthday cards (for example). I worked in a space which due to poor insulation and ventilation was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. When the management was asked about the temperature multiple times, the problem wasn't even acknowledged. Furniture is not replaced until it is falling apart (including office chairs which gave splinters from wood chips) and lighting is bad for eyes. Regular reports to management yielded no results.

    Hours were changed without consultation for availability.

    Communication in the office is regularly had through the grapevine as no official channels of communication are regularly or adequately maintained between employers and staff (beyond yelling and verbal abuse on occasion). For example, I would have to call colleagues rather than hear from management if safety issues had been immediately resolved.

    The building leaks and rain regularly pools near eletctrical equipment. When staff (with a disability) brought this to attention of management, management instructed employee to clean it up, rather than acknowledging the health hazard and the employer's duty to maintain a safe workplace.
    At one point during a fit of shouting over a complaint, the employer called the staff "Dogs". After this encounter, tissue paper and water was removed from the back office without any explanation.

    Pay is barely above minimum wage and an increase of minimum wage was considered to be a replacement of a raise.

    In summary, the morale is as low as possible, the management and owners show no respect for employees and show little ability to manage them in any positive way. infrastructure is poorly maintained and communications are sporadic and informal.

    I still have ex-colleagues there who have assured me that in the new building all issues remain as bad or worse with the addition of insects, including insects.

    I personally found this environment to be appalling.

    Posted on 28 August 2013 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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